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Please be sure to cover your load with a tarp in accordance with local bylaws and to keep our roads safe and clean. The fine for an uncovered or unsecured load is up to $150.

The rates and tipping fees outlined below are in effect as of January 1, 2020:

Asbestos (friable)$250 

As defined by BC ministry of Environment
Received Mon, Wed and Fri by appt.
Receiving restrictions apply – contact landfill at 250-469-8961


Accepted as: millings, grindings and slabs/chunks up to 6 inches thick. Must be free of sub base material like soil or gravel and debris.

Asphalt shingles$85 Mandatory recyclable material
Source separated (subject to surcharge if mixed with garbage)
Concrete$25 Concrete tile (if no backing), small rocks, bricks, cinder blocks, allen blocks and similar. Maximum size is 2 feet in any direction. Slabs or large poured items such as stairs, footings, custom flower planters, etc. must be broken up prior to delivery to landfill. Minimal re-bar may be present. Roads with re-bar sticking out of it will be rejected. Does not include: large rocks (>1 ft), stucco, grouts, plaster, slate tiles or granite counter tops.
Garbage$100$12 min. chargeResidential, commercial, construction and demolition debris
Gypsum drywall$175 Source separated new cut offs and scraps, demolition gypsum with paint or wallpaper removed. Does not include: lathe masonry, Asbestos containing wallboard, gypsum contaminated with other wastes
Mattresses $12.50 each

$12.50 each or $12.50 each plus weight as garbage when in a co-mingled load

Stumps$90 Trees or large shrubs, cut at ground level and all granular soil removed

$3/tire (up to 16 inches, with or without rim)
$5/tire (17 to 25.5 inches, without rim)
$10/tire (17 – 25.5 inches, with rim)
Recommended: contact local tire shops for free drop off

Wood waste$10

$5 min. charge

Source separated, greater than 5 cm circum., kiln dried lumber, plywood, particle & press board free of contaminants other than nails/screws
Yard waste$40$5 min. chargeGreen wastes such as grass, leaves, tree prunings less than 5cm in circumference, flowers, hedge clippings, etc.

A $5 minimum charge applies to yard waste and wood wastes, and $12 charge applies to all other wastes.  

Additional charges may apply for loads of contaminated recyclables that require sorting or for wastes that require special handling.

No GST is charged on landfill disposal rates. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, debit and credit card (Visa & MasterCard).

Residential waste

There is no longer a per bag rate for disposal at the landfill, a minimum $12 charge applies to residential waste disposal under 250 kg.

However, the  residential “Tag-a-bag” program allows for up to two additional bags to be placed with your waste cart for $2.50 per tag. Locations to purchase these tags and more information about curbside waste collection can be found at

Where possible, consider recycling, reusing or donating items instead of throwing them out as garbage.

Yard waste

A minimum $5 charge applies to wood waste and yard waste disposal. Loads of yard waste over 250 kgs are assessed at $40.00 per metric tonne fee for disposal.

Yard trimmings include grass clippings, leaves, hedge clippings, flowers, vegetable stalks, woody and herbaceous wastes and twigs less than 5 cm in circumference. 

  • Prunings over 5 cm in circumference and less than 20 cm (8") in diameter, with or without leaves or needles attached, are charged at $10.00 per metric tonne.
  • Logs, limbs and branches greater than 20 cm in diameter are accepted at $10.00 per metric tonne.  Logs, limbs and branches must be cut to a maximum length of 4 feet.  (No rocks or soil.)
  • Stumps cut at ground level, with rocks and soil removed from roots are accepted at $90.00 per metric tonne.

Mixed loads will be charged based upon the highest cost material in the load and assessed at an extra $50.00 per metric tonne handling/sorting fee.

Commercial and construction waste

Demolition and construction waste, with the exception of Gypsum board, is also charged at $100.00/ tonne with a $12.00 minimum charge for amounts less than 250 kg.  Gypsum board is charged at $175.00 per metric tonne.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are a mandatory recyclable charged at $85 / tonne and if found mixed with other garbage is subject to a $150 per metric tonne mandatory surcharge.

Wood waste

Clean, unpainted, untreated dimensional lumber, including board ends, wood pallets, plywood and particle board is charged at $10.00 per metric tonne. 250 kgs or less is a minimum $5 charge.