Snow routes

There is currently no Snow Event Advisory in place.

Snow routes are areas that are particularly challenging for snow removal due to elevation, road grade (slope), roadway width and numerous cul-de-sacs. Kelowna is one of several cities across Canada have snow routes, a list that includes Prince George, BC; Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta; and Winnipeg, MB.

Our snow route areas include: Academy Way, Black Mountain, Clifton/Magic Estates/Wilden, Dilworth Mountain, Kirschner Mountain, McKinley Beach and areas in the South Mission, including The Ponds.

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Snow route parking bans

A snow advisory is issued during a significant snow event and a temporary parking ban is place on snow route roads, which allows plows to clear the snow from curb to curb safely and efficiently. The temporary parking ban helps decrease problems such as snow building up beside parked cars and reduced road widths due to snow accumulations. 

Vehicles that remain parked on these roads during the ban are subject to enforcement, up to and including a fine and tow. The fine is currently $50.

Staying informed on snow route parking bans

We will issue a snow event advisory and highlight it on the top of this page. An advisory can be issued as a result of a forecast for an expected snow event, during a snow event or after a snow event. The parking ban will come into effect 24 hours after the snow advisory has been issued. Vehicles should be moved as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours following the advisory.

The snow route parking bans will be in effect until the City declares they have been lifted. You can find out if the parking bans are in effect by:

  • Signing up for snow route news through the City’s e-subscribe channel and receiving the advisory through e-mail
  • Visiting our Snow removal & ice control page
  • Following our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Monitoring local news outlets including radio and TV stations, print newspapers and online news sources
Where to park during a snow route parking ban

Residents living on snow routes are encouraged to find alternative parking in advance, such as a garage, underground parkade or surface lot.

Residents who typically park on a snow route and are going out of town or leaving the vehicle on the street for an extended period of time this winter should find alternate parking before leaving, or ask a friend or neighbour to move the vehicle.

Taking action before parking ban is announced

If a snow event advisory hasn’t been declared and it starts snowing, residents are encouraged to help clear the way by moving their vehicle off the roads, especially if they live in a cul-de-sac; this helps crews clear the way more effectively as they can clear to the curb and move onto to the next road quicker. 

Snow removal on snow routes

In terms of snow removal, areas designated as snow routes will not be given any special consideration over other streets. Streets will be cleared by their priority classification as per Snow and Ice Control Policy No.332.