Eagle View and Quail Flume Trails

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Eagle View and Quail Flume trails are located just west of the Quail Ridge neighbourhood. Both trails travel through heavily forested Ponderosa pine forests and offer view of the Glenmore area. Although many parks within the City of Kelowna are named after the road or area in which they are situated, Eagle View Trail was named for the common sightings of eagles in this area.

One of only two designated equestrian trails within Kelowna, the trail is also frequented by park users traveling via horseback. The trail follows an old irrigation flume, a man-made channel for water. Such irrigation flumes are remnants of earlier development within Kelowna.

How to get there: The Quail Flume trail travels south and skirts the UBC Okanagan campus; it can also be reached at the south end from the campus. To reach the northern trail head, park at the end of Quail Crescent in the Quail Ridge neighbourhood.  The trail immediately forks once you begin travelling south; the fork to the left is the start of the Quail Flume Trail which skirts along the old flume; the right fork is the start of Eagle View Trail.