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The Park Amenity Donation program invites residents to celebrate a special occasion or honour a legacy by making a donation to a City park. Please review the options and information below. You can then download the Park Amenity Donation program form and submit to Park Services.

Available options

Bench: the donated bench consists of a black powder coated aluminum frame with light beige recycled plastic lumber boards mounted to it. The bench is six feet long.

Picnic table: rectangular polished concrete, approximately 4' x 6' with a plaque mounted in the middle

Tree: a large deciduous or evergreen tree is available as a commemorative option. A plaque is not available with the tree planting option, except for trees that are planted at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery.

Other: other donation options are available such as a bike rack, drinking fountain, dog bag dispenser, a piece of playground equipment, etc. Please contact Park Services for details.



Bench or picnic table: $2,800 including taxes (may be subject to change based on current material costs). Donation covers the cost of a concrete pad, the bench or table, the cast bronze plaque with four to five lines of text, installation costs and 10 years of maintenance.

Tree: $600 including taxes. Includes a large caliper tree, installation and maintenance costs. Does not include a plaque.

A tax receipt, under the Income Tax Act Section 118.1(1), will be issued for the entire donation amount.


Size of bronze plaque is 3" x 8"

Engraved text to include a maximum of four lines of text with each line of text containing up to 25 characters per line (includes letters and spaces). Delivery of the engraved plaque from the foundry can take up to six to eight weeks. Birth/death dates are not permitted. Please choose a message that is uplifting, inspirational or celebrates the enjoyment of the park space.

Locations and installation

The approved location of a bench/table installation or planting site depends on proposed future development within a park, the location of underground utilities, and other site restrictions. Some parks may already be at capacity and therefore a new tree or bench may not be available.

Full payment is required before a park amenity is added.

For 10-year dedications, the term begins once the amenity is installed.

Installations occur twice per year; in the Spring and Fall (weather permitting). Exact dates cannot be specified due to weather, grower supply, park construction and special events. Depending on the timing of your order, the installation will be scheduled for the next available dates.

Replacements and renewals

At the end of the 10-year term, contact Park Services if you wish to renew your donation for another term. If you choose not to renew or if we are unable to contact you, the site will be made available for others. It is your responsibility to advise the Park Services Branch of changes to your contact information so that we can keep you informed.

Trees: commemorative trees will be replaced once by the City, at no charge to the applicant, within ten years of the original planting date.