Traffic walkway

Traffic operations

Traffic Operations is responsible for traffic signals, pedestrian-activated road crossing signals and yellow pedestrian activated warning flashers in the city.

Kelowna's computerized controller system is one of the most up to date in Canada. The Controller is pre-programmed to help move traffic and pedestrians using various inputs such as volume, intersection and lane widths, demand, bike lanes and bus blockages, to name a few.

The majority of traffic signals along major arterial routes such as Springfield and Glenmore roads are coordinated to maximize green time. Signals are programmed at a reference point allowing the lion's share of traffic travelling along the main, at a certain speed, generally hitting a "green wave" or "green band." However, most signals are vehicle and pedestrian activated.

Signals along Highway 97 and Highway 33 are controlled and maintained by the province's Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure . We work closely with the province to optimize signal performances in street approaches along the highway.