Boulevard upkeep rules

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A boulevard is the strip of land between your property boundary and the street. It may include a developed area with or without a sidewalk, or an undeveloped road shoulder next to your property.

The land is owned by us, but property owners are responsible for keeping their street frontage tidy, safe and within the guidelines laid out in Bylaw No.10425. Unkempt or nonconforming boulevards may be tended by us, with the cost of work applied to the landowner’s property tax bill. 

Boulevard landscaping

While well-trimmed grass is still the norm, bylaw changes enacted in September 2010 allow you to get creative with your boulevard. Boulevard landscaping can be removed by staff to maintain and upgrade roads, sidewalks or utilities.  

Boulevard landscaping tips to meet City guidelines
  1. Maintain traffic sightlines: keep shrubs trimmed to lower than 50 centimeters; trim grass and weeds to lower than 20 cm
  2. Maintain car door clearance: no boulders, retaining walls or raised earth
  3. Clear vegetation at least one metre away from fire hydrants and hydrant valves
  4. Mulch with decomposable organics; rock mulch is not permitted next to the roadway (see Bylaw No. 10425 for exceptions)
  5. Choose plants that are drought-tolerant and compact (maintained to a height of less than 0.5m). Irrigation is not required; however, plants may require supplemental watering.
  6. Root out invasive and noxious weeds 
  7. Be safe! Locate property lines and underground utilities before digging. Call Before You Dig - 1-800-474-6886.  
  8. If you will be excavating the boulevard or blocking the sidewalk or traffic, a road usage permit is required
Boulevard trees

Please contact the City Parks department before planting a tree, as only our personnel or authorized contractors are allowed to plant, trim or remove trees on City property (Bylaw No. 8042).