Dark fibre network

We have installed approximately 16 kilometres of fibre optic cable to provide high bandwidth data services to a number of City facilities. And we will be adding another 20 kilometres in 2018, more than doubling our network. Check out the map to see where we are at!

dark fibre network map

The fibre optic cable implementation has provided significant operational cost savings, faster data response time and innovative new ways of providing service. 

Our network was purposely over-built to include extra optic fibre to accommodate future City needs and be available for lease to businesses and institutions that have significant amounts of data to move.

"Bardel was looking for a way to expand but still remain in Canada, and Kelowna was an untapped area poised to grow in our industry. Access to the unlimited speeds provided through the City of Kelowna’s dark fibre network really sweetened the deal.” - Delna Bhesania, CEO, Bardel Entertainment

Kelowna’s growing tech sector

Kelowna is among a handful of cities in B.C. that offer dark fibre to businesses and institutions. Combined with the Okanagan lifestyle, this affordable telecommunications infrastructure makes Kelowna an attractive place to start-up, grow or relocate businesses that need to move large amounts of data.

Kelowna is British Columbia’s third-largest technology hub and the City of Kelowna is working with partners to expand this clean, knowledge-based sector. A recent Accelerate Okanagan report estimates tech-sector revenues in the Okanagan for 2015  at more than $1.3 billion, a 30 per cent increase over 2013.

The Okanagan has more than 300 technology companies, an annual labour force growth rate of four per cent and more than 6,500 workers in the field Okanagan-wide.

Frequently asked questions
What is dark fibre?

Dark fibre is a fibre optic strand that doesn't have data flowing through it. In other words, the City's excess fibre capacity is referred to as “dark” because there are no fibre optic light signals being passed through the fibre until the customer hooks their fibre network equipment up to it.

Why is dark fibre exciting?

If you are a  business or institution , dark fibre can provide benefits such as, fast speeds and reduced costs. The City’s dark fibre offering has no limits on bandwidth, so organizations that need to move large amounts of data can now move infinite amounts of data at whatever speeds they want, for a flat monthly fee to the City of Kelowna.

The City does not provide phone, television or Internet service on this fibre, but can provide a dedicated high-speed connection from one point to another on the City fibre network. 

If you are a  resident , dark fibre is important because it helps improve City service delivery, saves money and attracts investment from the hi-tech sector.

How do I get onto the City's dark fibre network?

If you are a business or institution operating ( or considering it ) in Kelowna and have the infrastructure and know-how to "light up" dark fibre, please  contact us .