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2024 Mobile Food Concession Program

Concessions in Kelowna

Independent concession and vendor operators in Kelowna can set up shop on privately owned land or partner with us in order to operate on municipal lands. A number of key criteria must be met in either situation. 

Concession and vendor operators must:  

There are additional requirements for mobile food vendors through the Fire Department.


The Property Management department administers the oversight and awarding of concession opportunities under municipal jurisdiction. Our website lists current opportunities for various types of concession (food, activity, service, etc.) at a certain location that the public can respond to.  

All responses that meet the minimum criteria are evaluated by a cross-departmental panel to determine which proposal best meets the needs of the city.  

There is a typical annual timeline that is followed for new concession opportunities: 

  • December to February: evaluation of new opportunities
  • February to March: request for concession proposals and evaluation of responses
  • May to September: typical operating season for concessions
  • October to November: evaluation of summer season and concession performance