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Concessions in Kelowna

Independent concession operators in Kelowna have two separate options with respect to operating a concession business within city limits. They may either pursue operations on privately owned land or they may pursue a partnership with us in order to operate on municipal lands. Regardless of whether the operation occurs on private or public lands, a number of key criteria must be met. These include the following:


The Property Management department administers the oversight and awarding of concession opportunities under municipal jurisdiction. Opportunities are awarded via a public process, whereby we  advertise the availability of a certain type of concession (food, activity, service, etc.) at a certain location and then invites responses from the public. All responses that meet the minimum criteria are evaluated by a cross-departmental panel to determine which proposal best meets the needs of the city. Finalization of a license agreement with the selected applicant is subject to final approval by council.

The typical annual process with respect to new concession opportunities is as follows:

  • December to February: evaluation of new opportunities;
  • February to March: request for concession proposals and evaluation of responses;
  • May to September: typical operating season for concessions; and,
  • October to November: evaluation of summer season and concession performance.