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On November 27, 2023 the Business Licence and Regulation Bylaw No. 12585 was adopted by Kelowna City Council.

Business structure and the way we do business has evolved since 1996. Getting a business license will now be easier than ever before, through a more effective and streamlined process: 

  • Navigating the application process is now simpler as the City has streamlined Business License category types from 138 down to 33 – the includes the addition of categories for contemporary business models.
  • The City has also modernized its fees to reflect how businesses have evolved.   
  • That means removing restrictive fee calculations like square footage and number of employees, and adding more inclusive standard fee schedules that are consistent with other municipalities in the region.  
  • The new base standard fee is $160.00, which reflects cost-recovery on processing. 

Learn more details about the new bylaw: 

Business Licence and Regulation Bylaw


October 23 Council Report

Informational PowerPoint