Mobile food vendors

Independent concession and vendor operators in Kelowna can set up shop on privately owned land or partner with us in order to operate on municipal lands. A number of key criteria must be met in either situation. 

General requirements

All concession and vendor operators must:  

There are additional requirements for mobile food vendors through the Fire Department. Vendors operating as a part of a market or special event, where the vendor licence is covered under the market or special event licence, are exempt from requiring a business licence as long as they are on an approved vendor list and have met all health and safety requirements.

Requirements for operating on private land

Those who wish to operate on private land must also follow the following guidelines: 

  • The mobile store use (food services, retail, etc.) must be an allowable one in the zoning category that applies to the property on which the license is applied for.  
  • The following must be provided the following at the time of application for the business licence:  
    • Authorization from the property owner for the applicant to apply for the mobile store business license.  
    • A site plan which includes the following:  
      • Proposed location of the mobile store on the site  
      • Duration mobile store is proposed to be on the site, days of operation and hours of operation 
      • Distance from property lines and buildings of the mobile store 
    • Parking calculation for site including: 
      • Total number of vehicle parking stalls on the site.  
      • Number of parking stalls to be occupied by the mobile store (if applicable).  
      • Number of parking stalls required by existing uses on the site as per the Zoning Bylaw (there must be adequate parking for existing uses and no additional parking stalls must be required for the mobile store).  
    • Applicant must demonstrate reasonable access to washroom facilities for mobile store employees or operators. 

Requirements for operating on public land

Those who wish to pursue a partnership with the city must obtain a concession permit.