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The community vision reflected in Imagine Kelowna recognizes that the well-being of our city is a shared responsibility and everyone needs to do their part to seize opportunities for improvement. Partnerships and sponsorships that provide economic and social benefits, and use a balanced approach to mobilizing resources, are an effective way to meet community needs. 

Partner with us  

We have a long history of engaging in partnerships with businesses, non-profits and charitable organizations and service groups. We share the benefits, risk and responsibilities with our partners. Through these relationships, many cherished community programs, services, facilities and amenities were established and continue to thrive. 

Our partnerships can take on many different forms, but most share some common elements: 

  • Providing facilities, programs and services for the general public 
  • Operating and maintaining a City-owned asset (land and/or buildings) 
  • Administering City funding 

Do you have an idea that can benefit the community? Share your idea with the City through the Unsolicited Proposal Program.

Become a sponsor  

Contact Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising Manager

There are new sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to enhance our facilities, programs and resident services. We are interested in developing relationships with corporations that want to reach their employees and/or customers and value a balance between business objectives and corporate responsibility. 

With our wide variety of inventory ranging from buildings and events to publications and public spaces, we can customize sponsorships with a multi-faceted marketing approach to meet the unique needs of your business. Tell us what's important to you and we'll customize a program that responds to your unique needs and budget. 

Sponsorships help us better serve the community by creating a non-taxation revenue stream and allowing us to operate more strategically. 

As a sponsor, you will: 

  • Increase your corporate visibility in the community 
  • Reach customers or citizens in unique environments when they are receptive to messages 
  • Create a point of differentiation in the Kelowna marketplace 
  • Demonstrate commitment to employees by contributing to the community where they live, work and play 
  • Demonstrate corporate values and commitment to making life better in Kelowna 

To learn more about becoming a sponsor, review the Council-approved Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Policy and the Expression of Interest document, or contact the Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising Manager

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