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Current opportunities

Description: Local area transit planning exercises refine proposals in the Transit Future Action Plan detailing the service levels and network structure for implementation in a specific area of the region. Project closes Feb 06, 2020 2:00 PM PST.
Description: The City of Kelowna intends to engage the services of a Consultant for the Bertram Street Pedestrian Overpass project. The Consultant will be responsible for Detailed Design Development, Construction Documentation preparation and Tender...
Description: The City of Kelowna invites interested parties (Sponsors) to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to become a sponsor with the City of Kelowna based on their organization’s desire to align their brand with the City of Kelowna, its...

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Our current bidding opportunities are also posted on our online bidding platform and through BC Bid.

Learn more about doing business with us, bidding procedures and access Master Municipal Construction Documents below.

How to do business with us
Notification of bidding opportunities

To receive email notification of all current tendering opportunities sign up and register on any of the following:

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About tenders and the purchasing branch

Our public tendering process is administered in compliance with City Bylaws and Policies, Canadian commercial and contract law, and all applicable Trade Agreements. We are committed to excellence and pursue the highest standards of Public Procurement and achieving best value outcomes for the community we serve.

We also dispose of surplus assets. Assets are primarily disposed of using the Province of British Columbia’s public auction website BC Auction.

Selling to the City

We don’t keep a formal bidder's list/registry, therefore, suppliers interested in selling to the City should email their company information, include a line card and/or the goods, services, or construction work for consideration, to the Purchasing Branch.

Gifts and gratuities

We have a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of personal gifts or gratuities of any kind.

Purchase Orders (POs)

Only the Purchasing Branch is authorized to issue City of Kelowna purchase orders (POs).

Unless superseded by other related documents and agreements, our Terms and Conditions will apply and be binding to suppliers of goods and services. Upon acceptance of a City of Kelowna Purchase Order (PO), the supplier is deemed to have agreed to the City's  Standard Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders.

Bidding procedures

Learn more about the bidding process, where to get information and who to contact with questions.

Tender package availability

Formal Public Tendering documents are available for download on our online bidding platform.

Submission location and deadline

Bid submissions must be returned to the listed submission location and by the method set out in the bid document no later than the "Closing Date and Time" noted in the bid document (or subsequently altered by addendum).

Inquiries on open public opportunities

If you have questions about the Tender process or the bid document content, submit them as directed in the bid documents.

It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to regularly check for addenda, questions and answers, and for additional information that maybe posted from time to time.

General purchasing inquiry

Contact the City's Purchasing Branch at Purchasing or 250-469-8530

Prohibited contact during an open public opportunity

Until an opportunity is awarded or cancelled, contact with any other City representative, including members of Council, Officers or employees of the City by any bidders regarding that project is not allowed, except as directed in the Tender documents. If a bidder disobeys this directive, it may result in their submission/proposal being removed from consideration and may affect their ability to submit to future competitions.

Bid results

As soon as practical after award, the name of the successful bidder and contract value (when applicable) will be posted publicly on BC Bid.

Bidder debriefs

Unsuccessful bidders may request, within 30 days of notice of the award or cancellation of the opportunity, a debrief session to learn how they might be more successful in future opportunities. To arrange for a debriefing, a proponent may contact the City contact noted in the bid documents.

Bid protest

Suppliers wishing to challenge a bidding process or outcome may do so by providing a written notice to the City's Purchasing Branch Manager. The notice must contain a detailed explanation of the concerns with the process or outcomes. The Purchasing Branch Manager will endeavour to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion with the supplier.  If unsuccessful in reaching a mutually satisfactory conclusion, the supplier has the option of using trade agreement mechanisms for a bid protest.

Ownership of tender documents

All Tender documents issued by the City are the property of the City and may not be copied or sold to other parties without express authorization of the City's Purchasing Branch Manager.

Useful bidding tips
  • Check the original posting location regularly for addendums, and questions and answers on open opportunities

  • Read the bid documents thoroughly and follow all the instructions and conditions

  • Make inquiries if the bid document’s process or content are not clear by submitting a question to the contact listed in the bid document

  • Ensure your response is submitted to the prescribed Submission Location, noted in the bid documents, before the Closing Date and Time

Master Municipal Construction Documents

We use Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) as the standard construction documents for many of our civil work projects. The links below are provided for review and information purposes only. Each project using the MMCD documents will have contract documents that will take precedence over the information below and will contain some of the information listed as appropriate.