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Our dark fibre network can help your business manage its rapidly growing data requirements. It will instantly boost your company’s network capacity and speed, helping you avoid inefficiencies, time delays and extra costs. 

We have invested in our fibre optic network and expanded it to communicate more effectively internally and with our citizens. Delivering dark fibre to City facilities has benefitted our services by ensuring greater security, reducing the risk of system downtime and dramatically improving bandwidth, which also provides opportunities for enhanced customer service.  

Our network has grown to 36 kilometres since 2015, connecting our facilities such as the Airport, Fire Department, Landfill and City Hall. Check out this map of current connections to see who is already taking advantage of our dark fibre network.

If you’re a business or institution operating in Kelowna - or considering it - and have demanding data requirements, contact us to join a growing group of organizations who are benefiting from our dark fibre network. 

About dark fibre

Fibre optic cable securely carries vast amounts of information as light pulses and at high speeds. “Dark” fibre is unused fibre optic cable infrastructure. The fibre becomes lit (no longer dark) when an organization attaches network equipment and transfers data between points. 

Businesses that typically benefit from dark fibre have high bandwidth needs and require scalability and network control. 

Some of our dark fibre customers are animation firms, and insurance, banking and post-secondary institutions. One of our post-secondary customers is UBC Okanagan, which requires data centers, high bandwidth and connectivity between multiple buildings. Many office buildings and developers are also using dark fibre technology to attract and maintain tenants. 

Other industries that can benefit from dark fibre include: 

  • Manufacturing and logistics 
  • E-commerce and retail operations 
  • Hotels and hospitality establishments 
  • Healthcare 
  • Government 
  • Financial institutions 
  • Internet providers and telecommunication companies 
Benefits of our dark fibre network

Bandwidth unleashed 

With speeds of more than 10GB, our network offers you a powerful connection that can match the highest speed, security and bandwidth demands. It also allows access to a variety of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and carriers. 

Reliable & secure 

Our network guarantees high reliability and security, since it’s a physical connection from point-to-point, with the fibre located in underground communications tubes. Being located underground also means it’s less likely to be damaged by vandalism or an accident with an aerial telephone pole. 

Cost savings 

Our network is available for a competitive, flat monthly fee – payable to the City of Kelowna. Please contact us for rates. 

Connect locations 

Businesses with multiple locations in Kelowna can use dark fibre to provide a private and secure connection between locations: 

  • Head office to branch office 
  • Business to business 
  • Business to data centre 
  • Data center to data centre 

Business complexes, shopping centres and office buildings can also lease fibre to provide current or prospective tenants with more choice in telecom service providers and access to scalable high-speed broadband. 


"QHR was looking for a way to securely manage its data and systems across multiple locations. The City of Kelowna's dark fibre network provides us the highest level of security and on top of this, it is extremely reliable and fast." 

     - Mike Checkley, President, QHR Technologies 

“At CapriCMW, we thrive on innovation to propel our business forward. That’s why we are proud to be a part of Kelowna’s dark fibre network. Kelowna is among a handful of cities in B.C. that offer dark fibre to businesses and institutions. We move large amounts of data every day, and joining the network has provided critical stability and speed improvements.” 

     - Scot Spieser, Director, Capri Insurance