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On March 7, 2022, The Kelowna City Council Report adopted the changes to the Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw and the Bylaw Enforcement Bylaw requiring commercial operators to acquire an Annual Municipal Boating Facilities Licence. 

This program was launched to address the issue of commercial usage for the City of Kelowna’s boat launch facilities. This has resulted in several complaints, primarily centered around vehicles and boat trailers left unattended in the boat launch, and companies using the area to conduct businesses, thereby restricting others’ access to the launch and causing congestion.

Click on the following to obtain a draft copy of the Commercial Boating Licence. 

Who does this apply to?

Businesses that are required to have the Annual Commercial Watercraft License include: 

  • Those who use the city boat launch and city docking facilities for commercial use. 
  • Vessels that are primarily operating for profit, normally with paying passengers.

 Examples for this are as followed: 

  • Renting boats or sea-doos.
  • Water taxi services.
  • Valet services.
  • Tour boat operators.
Application Requirements

As part of the licensing process, business' will be required to complete an application and provide: 

  • A valid business licence with the City. Information for business licences can be found on the City of Kelowna Business Licence page. The business licence application will not be approved until the application has met all the requirements from Property Management.
  • Company Information - Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Provide make, model, and license plate/registration number for each vehicle, trailer, and/or vessel.
  • Confirm proof of suitable insurance by having your insurance agent complete the Certificate of Insurance. 
Start your application

Step 1: Attach your Certificate of Incorporation.

Step 2: Attach your Certificate of Insurance provided by your insurance agent. 

Step 3: Fill out the Motorized Vehicle and Watercraft Registration Form.

Step 4: Fill out the Municipal Boating Commercial License Fee Form.

Step 5: Email the Property Management team at with the supporting documents listed above to begin your application process. 

*Please note, that this is the beginning of the application process. Once documents are emailed to our Property Management Team, they will follow up with the final documentation and billing process. 

A listing of active commercial watercraft licenses can be found on the Approved Commercial Watercraft Operators link.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the fees?

Where is the money going?

The discussion from the Council Report on February 28, 2022 suggested that the program is to use the revenue generated by these fees to put towards maintenance and capital expenditures through the Municipal Boating Facilities Reserve.

What are the fines?

Fines for not having an Annual Commercial Boating Licence:

  • Using a City dock to pick up passengers without a permit or license from the City is $500 per occurrence.
  • Using a boat launch for watercraft rental, watercraft valet or watercraft boat club without a permit or licence from the City is $500 per boat per occurrence.
  • Provide watercraft operation instruction, sell tickets or conduct business in a boat launch $500.

Fines for the general public and commercial use:

  • Dock, tie up, beach and or anchor a Watercraft in any way to a wharf, dock, beach sign, tree or any other facility located within or forming part of a Park $500.
  • Park or leave a vehicle and/or trailer unattended in a boat launch $500.
Will this program change in 2023?

This is the initial year of the program and will be revised with Council at the end of each season to make revisions where necessary.