Liquor licences

We review all liquor licence requests, including patio expansions and extensions to hours of operation.


  1. Review the Liquor Licensing Policy  to ensure you meet the requirements.
  2. Application is submitted to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, which in turn sends a summary to us. The applicant must then submit a City of Kelowna Liquor Licence Application Form to Planning and Corporate Services.
  3. The application is reviewed by various departments prior to staff preparing a recommendation for Council’s consideration.
  4. Public input is sought when the application is brought forward for consideration during a regular Council meeting. Meeting dates are well advertised in the Daily Courier and on our website.
  5. Once Council passes a resolution it is forwarded to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch; provincial staff make the final decision.

Liquor licence applications requiring public meetings:

  • New Liquor Primary Licence (100 persons or greater) $710.00 + $1,500.00 for notification
  • New Liquor Primary Licence (less than 100 persons) $460.00 + $1,500.00 for notification
  • Change to Existing Licence $460.00 + $1,500.00 for notification
  • Liquor Licence Applications (No Council Resolution) $50.00