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Heritage in Kelowna

Kelowna’s heritage is a history tied to the land and natural environment and the people who have long understood the richness of this area. Kelowna's heritage is reflected in the buildings, neighbourhoods and landscapes from these earlier eras. These are the homes, work spaces, and community gathering places created by the people who shaped and developed the city of Kelowna.

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For information on the heritage community vision and action plan, access the City's Heritage Strategy.

Heritage Review

A Heritage Review is currently underway to address Kelowna's heritage management challenges and strengthen heritage management and planning efforts across the city. The review involves stakeholders and representatives from several organizations, and consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1 (completed July 2015): A Heritage Review Advisory Committee identified current challenges and established a long-term vision for a Heritage Council governance model.
  • Phase 2 (completed November 2015): Staff met with several heritage and community organizations to discuss the proposed model and to better understand the roles of groups that are connected to heritage matters in Kelowna.
  • Phase 3 (ongoing): A Heritage Council Steering Committee will develop a strategic plan, funding strategy and transition plan for the Heritage Council. The mandate, roles and responsibilities, and operational structure will be established.

Upon completion of Phase 3, staff will report back to Council with the outcomes of the strategic planning exercise and proposed guiding documents.

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is an Advisory Committee of Council. The objective of the Committee is to advise Council on heritage-related development applications. The Committee may also advise on other matters related to the heritage significance of any building, structure or landscape feature located within City limits.

Kelowna Heritage Societies

Know of a Kelowna resident whose oral history should be collected?

The City of Kelowna and the Kelowna Museums Society is interested in expanding its current collection of Kelowna oral history.

Contact Tara Hurley, Community Archivist, and have the name added to the list.

Phone: 250-763-2417


Laura Bentley
Policy & Planning Department
250 469-8839

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