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Subdivision process

The Seven Steps to the Subdivision Process

1.  Pre-Application Meeting

Applicants are encouraged to contact Community Planning to schedule a meeting to discuss their proposal. Staff will identify known site specific issues with respect to zoning, planning policy, development permit areas, existing services, development constraints, and assist with the application process.


Subdivision can generally be described as the legal mechanism to create new, titled parcels of land. Where a proposed subdivision complies with the current zoning regulations for the parcel, an application can be submitted to the City of Kelowna Subdivision Approving Officer.

Urban design development permits

The purpose of an Urban Design Development Permit is to:

  • Provide clarity of objectives for form and character of developments (to be aesthetically appealing and sensitive to the established neighbourhood); and
  • Revitalize areas to ensure they are vibrant and dynamic for residents and visitors alike.

Urban Design Development Permits are used to review the following:


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