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Kelowna On the Move

Transportation Master Plan: Pedestrians & Bikes

On the MoveAt the May 16, 2016 meeting, Council endorsed a new Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan for Kelowna. 

The ultimate goal of this Plan is to create a balanced transportation network where walking and cycling are established as attractive alternatives to driving, and thereby achieve a multitude of the 2030 Official Community Plan objectives. Long term goals include:  

  • Increase year-round walking and cycling so that within 20 years, 25 per cent of all trips less than five kms in length are made by walking and cycling.
  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety so that the rate of collisions with motor vehicles is reduced by 50 per cent within 20 years.

By increasing our walking and cycling we improve the health of our community, reduce the number of cars on the road, free up parking spaces and reduce air pollution. Recreational opportunities will also be enhanced as we develop and promote expanded routes.  

For more information on the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, please see the links below:

                  Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan - Executive Summary

                  Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

                  Future Primary and Supporting Pedestrian Network

                  Future Primary and Supporting Cycling Network

                  Future Primary Active Transportation Network

                  Future Pedestrian Network - Facility Detail
                  Future Cycling Network - Facility Detail
                  Existing Pedestrian Network
                  Existing Cycling Network

Did you know?

Kelowna residents are On the Move with +40 km of shared-use pathways including Mission Creek Greenway, +400 km of sidewalks and walkways and +300 km of bike lanes available.

Stats Canada reports that Kelowna’s to work cycling and walking mode shares are 3.0% and 5.6% respectively = above average in BC.         

Mahesh Tripathi
Traffic Technician
(250) 469-8480

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