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Road Report

We strive to provide you with the most accurate up to date information - roadwork, major delays, traffic hazards and delays, travel restrictions, weather warnings, road closures, lane closures, and major events that may affect motorists. Check out Frequently Asked Questions and Travellers' Tips for tips to plan for a successful trip. Construction coming near your business? See the Open During Construction resource for proactive planning tips.  

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Construction Work
Visit the Capital Projects Map viewer to see
the construction projects planned for this year.

Daily Road Report
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Traffic Operations
Upcoming Pavement Management

Road Report Map Viewer

See current road construction and status.

The Road Report Map Viewer is a tool for residents to be aware of road construction, detours and potential delays. Road information is based upon road usage permits issued by the City of Kelowna. All public and private contractors are required to obtain a road usage permit for any work affecting traffic flow. Click on a coloured line on the map below for details about the permit. 

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