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Active Transportation

Kelowna residents are On the Move in many different ways - walkingcycling, using transit and carpooling - all of these methods of transportation can help you save money, get active and improve our local environment. The City of Kelowna is committed to making these modes accessible for everyone by improving the safety and quality of our networks. Together, we can reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The City currently has a pilot project to monitor pedestrian and bicycle activity around the downtown core. The live count data can be viewed via this Pedestrian & Bicycle Count Data public web page.

Kelowna On the Move

Kelowna On the Move is a 20-year transportation planning initiative now underway. Council received the draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, which outlines a strategic approach for achieving a transportation mode shift in our City. The goal is to establish walking and cycling as safe and convenient alternative modes of travel. Residents can review the proposed active transportation network, steps for implementation and provide feedback on the plan at

Our network of walking and cycling routes is growing each year, you can also view our 2030 Active Transportation Map to see what projects are currently proposed for the future.

Why is this important? Traditional transportation strategies addressed traffic and infrastructure concerns by constructing more roads. It’s been recognized that this strategy offers only short-term success as population growth and demand for roads increase at an exponential rate. Local, provincial and federal funding is limited and unable to support the future demand for transportation infrastructure. This affects us as residents as we bear the costs to maintain and build infrastructure, and the negative environmental and social impacts.

Through Transportation Demand Management and improvement to our sustainable transportation systems, the City can encourage and facilitate different travel choices and reduce the need for road space. To learn how active transportation can be incorporated in your lifestyle, visit the Central Okanagan's smartTRIPS website.

Strap on a helmet, slip on shoes or hop on a bus, the City of Kelowna has resources to get you on the move and making the most out of your non-vehicular trips.

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