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Knox Mountain ParkKeara On Knox

Knox Mountain Park is the City of Kelowna’s largest Natural Area Park. The park is 310 hectares (766 acres) in size and is located immediately north of Kelowna’s downtown, (see Knox Mountain Park Brochure).  The summit of Knox Mountain rises approximately 300 metres above the high water level of Okanagan Lake. While the lake shoreline borders almost 1,400 metres of the western park boundary, much of the remaining boundary is surrounded by residential development. The size, height, central location and natural amenities make this park a landmark that is a highly desirable destination for residents and tourists alike. Views to the park from the City and views from the park of the City, lake, and surrounding mountains are unparalleled. The original parcel of parkland was first dedicated to the City in 1939.  Knox Mountain Park History.

Knox Mountain is home to several representative Okanagan ecosystems as the park transitions from lakeshore to mountain top, including: riparian, wetland, Ponderosa Pine Bunch Grass, and dry Interior Douglas-fir. These ecosystems are fragile, dry and highly susceptible to erosion and degradation. Knox Mountain Park Biophysical Inventory Report.  Knox Mountain Park Biophysical Inventory Report

The park supports numerous activities including but not limited to walking, running, hiking, pedal biking (road, cross country and downhill), birding, nature appreciation, sightseeing, winter recreation and dogs on-leash.

Hours of Operation:

Parks Hours:  Open 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Knox Mountain Drive Hours: Dependent on weather conditions and sanctioned event closures
Winter Hours for Vehicles: Closed
Summer Hours for Vehicles: Monday to Saturday - 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  Sunday - noon to 9:00 p.m.

Knox Mountain 2016 Summer Surveys
This summer, stakeholder groups and public visitors to Knox Mountain Park were surveyed about their activities on Knox Mountain Drive; whether they have experienced any safety issues, and what their acceptance level would be to additional closures of Knox Mountain Drive throughout the season to improve user safety. The majority of park visitors surveyed indicated that they felt safe while using the road and most park visitors were opposed to the idea of additional road closures. Based on the survey results, the City will not implement additional road closures to Knox Mountain Drive at this time. We will explore additional traffic safety enhancements that could be implemented along Knox Mountain Drive and continue to respond to any public concerns. Additional surveys may be conducted in the future to gain additional data as we continue to monitor the usage of Knox Mountain Drive.

Knox Mountain Park Management Plan

Kelowna City Council endorsed the Knox Mountain Park Management Plan in November 2011 directing staff to use the plan as a guide to follow in future planning for the park.

The Knox Mountain Park Management Plan addresses a wide range of issues affecting the park, many of which relate directly to the impact of users on the environmentally sensitive areas.  Over the past decade, the number of park users has dramatically increased with the popularity of the park and the general population growth of the Central Okanagan.  Park use will likely continue to intensify in use over the coming years as the City's Official Community Plan provides direction for high density development in the adjacent downtown area. 

Council's endorsement marked a significant milestone in the history of this city's largest Natural Area Park.  The management plan tackled complex planning challenges and has charted a clear and strategic course for the future of the park; one that prioritizes the importance of the park's environmental health and inspires collective efforts to ensure a sustainable future for the park. The management plan includes a financial plan that identifies specific projects and addresses up-front capital expenditures, capital replacement costs and on-going maintenance and operational costs.

2014 Projects:
Establish and designate mountain biking trails:
Council approved funding in the 2014 Capital Plan to be allocated to the sixth capital priority identified in the Management Plan - establishment of a designated mountain biking trail system.  Providing designated facilities to the mountain bike community is an important objective in order to protect other aspects of the park from further environmental erosion and to prevent the establishment of further rogue trails.  Another key objective is to reduce the level of conflict between mountain bikers and other trail users (e.g. hikers, dog-walkers, etc.).  Works will include: trail building; installation of signage; cross walks across Knox Mountain Drive; decommissioning and rehabilitation of unsanctioned rogue trails; ;guard rail fencing to mitigate safety hazards and control public access through sensitive grassland communities; and restoration planting of native plant species.

Related Projects

Apex Trail Restoration
Restoration and decommissioning of unsanctioned rogue trails from the Apex/Upper lookout down the front face with access control fencing and signage as well.

Additional budget request will be submitted for Council approval in subsequent years to complete restoration of remaining sections of the Apex Trail.

Power pole removal
An existing power line originates at Broadway Avenue and travels up the front face of the park to Herbert Heights Road.  The power line predates park designation and serves only the civic reservoir. Part of the line is redundant and the City has been negotiating with Fortis and Telus to remove eight highly visible power poles as upgrades to the line are completed.

Grainger Road Communications Tower
The City has entered into a lease agreement with Telus to install a communications tower adjacent to the existing Grainger Road reservoir. Installation of the tower began in mid-June.

Kathleen Lake SignageKathleen Lake Signage
Natural Area Park Signage Guidelines were prepared concurrently with the Management Plan update. The sign guidelines provide templates for a hierarchy of sign types. 

Signage installation in the Kathleen Lake Precinct of Knox Mountain Park will be used as a "pilot project" to confirm colours, fonts, graphics, support structures etc. before investing in higher profile areas. Signage installation around Kathleen Lake began in June 2011.

For Park Planning information:
Infrastructure Planning

To Book an Event in Knox Mountain Park:
Outdoor Events Coordinator, Active Living & Culture
250-469-8853 or 250-469-8409

For Maintenance and Operations requests / concerns:
Blair Stewart
Urban Forestry Supervisor, Parks Services


Environmental Report
Knox Mountain Park Brochure
Parks & Trails Map
2012 Scorecard Report
2013 Scorecard Report
Knox Mountain Park History



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