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Urban Centre Revitalization

City Council has endorsed C7 Zone Design Guidelines to address the form and character of new development and re-development within areas zoned C7 Central Business Commercial.  Currently the only area where C7 zoning is applicable is the City Centre (Downtown) area, however, Council has given Final Adoption to OCP and Zoning Amendments to establish the framework for C7 zoning in the core of the Rutland Town Centre.  Follow the link below to view the C7 Zone Design Guidelines.

C7 Zone Design Guidelines
City Council recently approved Tax Incentive recommendations from staff to stimulate mixed-use developments within specific areas of the Downtown and Rutland Urban Centres. These incentives will provide a moratorium on taxes for new development projects that meet the terms of the Bylaw 9561 - Revitalization Tax Exemption (see below for the link).

In addition, Council approved recommendations for additional Parking Credits that would relax parking requirements for projects in the Downtown core. 

Parking Credit Policy

Tax Incentive Area Map

Copies of the Revitalization Tax Incentive Bylaw and Parking Credit policies are also available from the Clerk's Department on the third floor of City Hall.

While the relevant OCP and Tax Exemption Bylaw Amendments have been approved by Council it will still be up to interested applicants to make an application prior to any construction and complete the Agreement that will authorize the issuance of a Tax Exemption Certificate upon completion of the specific building project. 

Interested parties can download the relevant Revitalization Tax Exemption Application Form and the Revitalization Tax Exemption Checklist.  In addition, it will be necessary to complete the Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreement attached to Bylaw 9561 - Revitalization Tax Exemption.  Applicants are also encouraged to contact the Land Use Management Department.

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