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Heritage Planning Initiatives363 Burne Ave

The City of Kelowna values, respects and celebrates our built, cultural and natural heritage as a major contributor to our community's identity, character and sense of place. 

The Official Community Plan and the Heritage Procedures Bylaw No. 7776 set out the City's heritage management regulations for development.

Council has appointed a statutory committee, the Community Heritage Committee, to advise on heritage matters in the City.

The City also annually allocates funds to the Kelowna Heritage Grants Program, which is a registered society that provides grants to homeowners for heritage restoration and education/awareness projects.  To view the grant guidelines and application form, see the Heritage Grants Program package.

Heritage Management Planning Initiatives:

The City prepared its first Heritage Strategy in 1994. The 1995 Heritage Management Plan followed from this and identified how the City would implement a co-ordinated set of heritage management programs and initiatives.

The Heritage Strategy has recently been updated (see the 2007 Heritage Strategy). The purpose of the update was to assess our current situation, to identify issues, to renew the community's vision for heritage conservation and to set goals and priorities for the next 5 - 10 years (from 2007-2016). In May, 2012 staff presented an overview of the Heritage Strategy to Council and noted the strategies and action items that have been completed since 2007. 315 Cadder Ave

Since the 1994 Heritage Strategy the City of Kelowna has established:


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