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Heritage Planning Initiatives363 Burne Ave

The City of Kelowna values, respects and celebrates our built, cultural and natural heritage as a major contributor to our community's identity, character and sense of place. 

The Official Community Plan and the Heritage Procedures Bylaw No. 11185 set out the City's heritage management regulations for development.

The 2007 Heritage Strategy assesses our current situation, identifies issues, renews the community's vision for heritage conservation, and sets goals and priorities for the next 5 - 10 years.

City of Kelowna Heritage Grants Program

The City of Kelowna Heritage Grants Program (CoKHGP) promotes the conservation of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural heritage buildings by assisting owners of properties listed on the Heritage Register List with grants for a portion of the costs incurred in conservation work. The CoKHGP is administered by the Central Okanagan Heritage Society (COHS).

Heritage Management Planning Initiatives:

The Abbott Street and Marshall Street Heritage Conservation Areas, which provide development guidelines that encourage new development to be compatible with the character of each area. For more information, see the Heritage Conservation Areas Bulletin and the Heritage Conservation Area Development Guidelines.         

Protection of heritage properties through approval of a Heritage Designation Bylaw, a Heritage Revitalization Agreement or a Heritage Conservation Covenant. For more information, see the list of Protected Heritage Properties.

The Kelowna Heritage Register List is the City’s official listing of heritage properties. For more information, see the Kelowna Heritage Register Bulletin and the Heritage Register Evaluation Criteria.

The Heritage Building Tax Incentive Program Policy that provides tax breaks to property owners who have restored revenue generating heritage buildings.


If you are considering a development project the involves heritage, see Heritage Application Forms.


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