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Bylaw Services

BylawTrafficControl.jpgBylaw Services provides inspections and regulatory work related to the enforcement of specific bylaws

Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints with impartiality, gather evidence according to established rules and prepare and present that evidence in court when called upon to do so.

Bylaw Enforcement deals with the following issues:

  • Business Licences
    • licence fees, inspections, enforcement
  • Litter prohibition
    • littering, garbage complaints
  • Noise abatement
    • noise disturbances
  • Sidewalk cafes and street vendors
    • street entertainers, vendors, locations, compliance issues
  • Sign bylaw
    • illegal signs, placements, permits
  • Streets and traffic
    • illegal postering, graffiti, traffic control
  • Traffic regulation
    • illegal parking, vehicle obstructions, time zone infractions
  • Unsightly premises
    • rubbish, graffiti
  • Zoning regulations
    • land uses, illegal suites


General Complaints

        Use our service request system to report a problem. 

        Bylaw Enforcement Office (7 days per week - 6am-midnight)
        Tel:  250 469-8686 - follow the prompts  Fax: 250 862-3340

Dog Control

Complaints handled by Central Okanagan Regional District
Tel: 250 469-6284

Meter Parking & Off-Street Parking

Parking meter enforcement along with off street parking lots and parkades, permits etc.:

Use our service request system to report a problem. 

Kelowna Parking
Tel: 250 862-8585

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