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Dr. William John Knox January 3rd, 1961 John Knox 

Dr. Knox practiced medicine in Kelowna for 60 years and was a well-respected member of the community. Arriving in Kelowna in 1902 as a new medical graduate, he quickly gained a reputation as a warm, affectionate and fun-loving individual who kept up-to-date with medical advances despite his isolation in the B.C. interior. He married in 1905 and he and his wife Jean had four children.

Despite the demands of running a busy family practice and acting as the area’s dentist, Dr. Knox found the time to be a charter member of the Kelowna Rotary Club, to serve as president of the BC Medical Association and to sit on the School Board. He was appointed medical inspector of schools in 1909, and each year, for a total of 53 years, he presented the board with a report on the conditions of the schools and the health of the school population. He service was formally recognized in 1961 with the opening of Dr. Knox School.

In 1946 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire; in 1951 his alma mater, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, awarded him a Doctor of Laws. That year he also opened the ultra-modern Knox Medical Clinic which housed nine physicians. Two years later he was chosen the Good Citizen for Kelowna and district, and in 1961 he was honoured as a Freeman of the City in recognition of his years of outstanding service to the community.

Dr. Knox retired in 1963 and died four years later.

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