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Okanagan Mission Road Network

South Perimeter Road

Council received a report about the results of public engagement for future development of South Perimeter Road and supported an accelerated timeline for design and construction. Public engagement took place online, at an open house with exit surveys, through a statistically-valid telephone survey and via email inquiries and comments. Both the open house exit surveys and the telephone survey found a majority of Mission residents support the accelerated construction of South Perimeter Road.


Council recently reconfirmed the realignment of the South Perimeter Road from Gordon Drive to Stewart Road West as part of the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the 20-Year Servicing Plan & Financial Strategy. A proposal requesting to deliver South Perimeter Road earlier than originally anticipated has been received from the development community.

With the possibility of South Perimeter Road being designed and constructed in 2015/2016 an adjustment in the delivery of road improvements in the current plan for the Okanagan Mission may be delayed three to six years. 

These potentially delayed improvements include curb and gutter (urbanization), two lane arterial with centre turning lane for Lakeshore Road from Dehart to Old Meadows, traffic flow improvements on Casorso Road from Benvoulin Road to Bedford and urbanization along Dehart Road from Lakeshore to Gordon Roads.

Why now?

The South Perimeter Road is an important future link in and out of this area. As outlined in the OCP, the Mission is a growing community in the city with the addition of 1,000 units of development over the next 10 years.  This translates to adding 8,000 to 10,000 vehicle trips per day approximately 25 percent increase in traffic which would otherwise use existing roads (Lakeshore Road and Gordon Drive).

South Perimeter Road would facilitate a connection between two
future school sites; the middle school site within the Ponds neighbourhood and the elementary school site within the Crawford neighbourhood. There is also a potential for an enhanced  commercial development within the Ponds neighbourhood which is planned as a village centre to service the needs of the entire south slopes including expansion of transit services.

South Perimeter Road 20-Year Road Network MapTypically roads within the DCC (Development Cost Charge) Road program receive 15 percent taxation (taxpayer assist), i.e. Lakeshore Road Bridge and Clifton Road utility improvements which would not be required for this project.

The DCC Road Program is part of the City's annual capital program for the construction of infrastructure to accommodate growth.

Decision Making

City staff host an open house inviting residents to feedback regarding the advantages of delivering South Perimeter Road earlier and the consequences to timing of other road network improvements projects for Council's consideration. 

There were 300+ residents that dropped by the open house held on Wednesday, November 26 at the Capital New Centre, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A report was brought forward to Council on January 12.

Stay informed

Updates will be distributed through the City's e-Subscribe under City Projects to inform how residents can provide their feedback. We invite residents to sign up today.


Proposed Design

Gordon Drive Extension
  • urban two lane arterial roadway
  • on street bikepaths
  • curb and gutter with boulevards
  • separated sidewalks on both sides

  • South Perimeter (Gordon Drive to Stewart Road W.)
  • rural two lane roadway
  • on street bikepaths
  • multi-use trail on north side from Stewart Road West to connect to Bellevue Creek Linear Trail at the falls
  • valued at approximately $7.6 million 
  • It is expected Stewart Road West road improvements will be advanced in conjunction with the construction of South Perimeter Road. The safety improvements planned are identified in the South East Kelowna Sector Plan and South West Mission Sector Road Plan. 


    In the mid-1990s, the strategy and Functional Planning was done as part of the Southwest Okanagan Mission Sector Plan. During this time the Mission community was involved throughout the master planning process and was later included in the OCP as well as the 20-Year Financial Servicing Plan (DCC Road Network).

    Prior to the build out of the Crawford subdivision the road reserve was incorporated; as part of this work the developer constructed a concrete wall to buffer homes from the roadway. 


    Bellevue Creek Master Plan (2014) - Map
    Open House (November 26) - Panels

    Southwest Okanagan Mission Sector Plan is divided into sections below due to the size of this scanned version. For convenience purposes, the sections have been labelled accordingly to ease navigation, however, a complete outline is available in the Table of Contents in Section 1.

    Section 1 Contents

    1.1 Purpose of Plan
    1.2 Explanation Rational of Boundaries
    1.3 Hierarchy of City Plans and Policies
    1.4 Plan Process & Public Input

    Section 2 Planning Context and Development Factors

    2.1 Location and Setting
    2.2 History of Area and Development
    2.3 Physical Character
    2.4 Land Use
    2.5 Existing Demographic Profile
    2.6 Existing Services - Road, Municipal Services, Utilities, Community Services

    Section 3.0 Existing Policy and Related Objectives

    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Land Use Policy Considerations
    3.3 Servicing Policy Considerations
    3.4 Roads & Transportation Policy Considerations

    Section 4.0 Future Land Use Strategies

    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Future Land - Overview
    4.3 Residential Strategies
    4.4 Commercial Strategies/Village Centre
    4.5 Parks and Open Space
    4.6 Schools & Institutional Uses
    4.7 Agricultural Land Reserve
    4.8 Natural Areas

    Section 5.0 Neighbourhoods, Servicing Infrastructure and Phasing

    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Phasing of Neighbourhoods and Servicing Infrastructure
    5.3 Areas of Infill
    5.4 to 5.7 Neighbourhoods
    5.8 Utilities

    Section 6.0 Implementation

    6.1 Revision to Official Community Plan
    6.2 Revision to Agricultural Land Reserve
    6.3 Revision to Road Network
    6.4 Requirement for Concept Development Plans
    6.5 Zoning

    Section 7.0 Financial Implications

    7.1 General Philosophy/Methods of Cost Recovery
    7.2 Arterial Roads Servicing Plan and Financing Strategy
    7.3 Water Servicing Plan and Financial Strategy

    Section 8.0 Appendix "A" Guidelines for Development of Hillside and Cluster Housing


    Purvez Irani
    Development Engineering Manager

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