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Yellow Fish Road Program

The City of Kelowna has partnered with Trout Unlimited Canada to promote the Yellow Fish Road™ (YFR) program.

What is Yellow Fish Road™?

The Yellow Fish Road™ program is a hands-on environmental project for people to help decrease water pollution in their communities. Yellow Fish Road™ volunteers paint yellow fish symbols next to storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures to nearby households and businesses, reminding people that anything that enters the storm drain systems goes directly into the local waterbody.

The City of Kelowna invites school classes, families, individuals and Adopt-a-Stream groups to paint yellow fish. By participating in Yellow Fish Road™, residents can help remind neighbours about the importance of protecting our sensitive watershed.

Watch our Yellow Fish Road instructional video for more information.

Why the Yellow Fish Road™?

In most cities, storm drains connect directly to the local waterbody untreated. This untreated water is caused by non-point source pollutants entering the local water body from different sources such as waste, salt, soap, oil, fertilizer, and pesticides that run off lawns, sidewalks and driveways.

These pollutants can have a negative impact on the aquatic ecosystem; not only by harming fish and wildlife, but also by reducing water quality for humans.


Painting a yellow fish on a storm drain

Contact Us

If you'd like more information or would like to arrange a yellow fish painting event, please contact:


Claudia Buhler
Program Coordinator


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