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Quick Guides and New Programs

To help you get active and stay active, the following guides organize some of the activities and programs provided by Recreation & Cultural Services based on neighbourhoods and new programs. If you don't see the program you are looking for, check out the full Activity & Program Guide online. 

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By Location:

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By Activity: 

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New Programs for Spring 2015

 Ballet-Tiny Ballerinas  pg. 4
 Creative Dance  pg. 4
 Highland Dance-For Wee Ones  pg. 5 
 Jazz Dance at Watson Road Elementary  pg. 5
 Bunch of Fun for Families at Rutland Activity Centre  pg. 5
 Superhero School  pg. 7
 Toddlers in the Park Ben Lee park  pg. 7
 Easter Extravaganza  pg. 12
 SUP Mermaids at Heart  pg. 18
Youth and Adults
 Ballet-Beginner  pg. 27
 Learn Your Angel, Colour & Soul Purpose Group  pg. 31
 Apple Bowl Workout  pg. 36
 Bellyfit  pg. 36
 Body Movement  pg. 36
 BootCamp Results 4 Life-Tabata  pg. 36
 H.I.I.T.  pg. 38
 Prenatal Fitness-Outdoors  pg. 38
 SUP Paddle Fit  pg. 39
 Five Element Flow  pg. 41
 Flow-Anatomy of Yoga Postures  pg. 41
 Flow-Outdoors  pg. 41
 Love Your Selfie-Yoga for Teen Girls  pg. 42
 SUP Yoga  pg. 43
 Living With Stroke  pg. 45
 Adult Sports Programs  
 Men's and Women's High Comp Volleyball at OKM  pg. 52

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