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Quick Guides and New Programs

To help you get active and stay active, the following guides organize some of the activities and programs provided by Recreation & Cultural Services based on neighbourhoods and new programs. If you don't see the program you are looking for, check out the full Activity & Program Guide online. 

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By Location:

By Activity:

New Programs for Spring 2014

 Claymation  pg. 17
 Knitting - Arm - Mother & Daughter  pg. 18
 Sing, Act, Perform  pg. 23 
 Disc Golf - Learn to Play or Play Better  pg. 23
Youth and Adults
 Acrylic Painting Workshop - Beginner - Part 2  pg. 30
 Knitting - Arm Technique  pg. 32 
 Gardening - Beginner  pg. 36
 Mom & Baby: Strength & Core  pg. 45
 Strollercise  pg. 47
 Ashtanga - Outdoors  pg. 49
 Nidra Workshop  pg. 50
Adult Sports  
 Tennis - Beginner Social  pg. 55 
 Ski 2 Sea Canoe Preparation Camp  pg. 56
 Stand Up Paddleboarding - Introduction  pg. 56
 Stand Up Paddling & Outrigger Canoe  pg. 56
Programs for Persons With a Disability  
 Spin Class  pg. 79
 Dance Class  pg. 80 
 T.I.E.R. Action Group (TAG)  pg. 81

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