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A planning exercise is underway to enhance City Park as a vibrant public space for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors. The exercise will create a Development Plan for a unified vision and to help integrate the Park with Bernard Avenue, the new Downtown Pier and public marina, and Stuart Park. The Plan will guide infrastructure decisions in the Park and make recommendations for improvements in both the immediate future and over the next decade.

Public open house

An open house was held on Thursday, June 27 near the Sails by City Park to review the design option.

Since the launch of the concept plan development in March residents have provided ideas through an online community engagement tool (MindMixer) to inform the design of City Park. The display panels area available online at Get Involved Kelowna.

Stay informed, e-Subscribe for updates regarding the Downtown and City Park Concept.

To find out more about the public engagement for the project click here.

What's next?

Tourism Kelowna's Visitor Centre originally identified within City Park is no longer being considered.

The views expressed will be compiled and analyzed including the financial and technical considerations. A report will be presented to City Council Monday, January 20.

Area development opportunity at the Queensway Jetty was identified as a potential location for the Visitor Centre. The location was approved in principle by Tourism Kelowna in efforts to adapt its business model to accommodate large volumes of visitors in the area, creating additional $279-million in tourist spending annually and $653-million in direct economic output Kelowna experiences today.

Concept Design Stage

Patrick McCormick
Urban Design Planner

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