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In July 2011, Council authorized the owner of the properties to begin preparation of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for a maximum of 200 dwellings. 

In early 2012, the owner requested the original proposal be changed to include the eastern slopes of the properties that were initially thought to be too challenging to access. Council authorized the boundary amendment. Notably, however, Council did not increase the maximum unit allocation of 200 for the entire development.

In April of 2012, the owner held the first of the required Public Open Houses to provide area residents with an update on their proposal and on their review of existing conditions.

The owner has since been working to complete Phase 1 of the ASP which is anticipated in late summer or early fall of 2012.

Area Structure Plans (ASP) provide a vital link in the planning and development process. Where an Official Community Plan (OCP) provides broad, far-reaching land use policies, objectives and mapping, an ASP takes the community planning process to the next level of detail.

Council will consider endorsement of the ASP alongside the other land use permissions required in order for the development to proceed. 

Terms of Reference

The City's Terms of Reference (TOR) dictates the requirements and process for preparation of the ASP. It divides the planning work into two phases:

Phase 1
is when the owner conducts the necessary background research on the site and its surroundings. Issues such as existing development, environmentally sensitive areas, natural hazard areas and heritage assets are reviewed at this time.

Phase 2 of the ASP is where issues such as road network, land use patterns, parks & open spaces and servicing are addressed in more detail. The conclusion of Phase 2 will result in a completed ASP document for approval by Council.

Transportation Impact Analysis

Alongside the Phase 1 work, the applicant team has conducted a Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) to identify the impact of the development and its transportation network on the City’s network. While the applicant team is responsible for providing the TIA, it was completed according to a detailed Terms of Reference prepared by City staff. This ensures that the TIA meets industry-wide best practices. The TIA has been reviewed by City staff and is available for public review.

In a report to the City Manager, it was identified that a full public road connection between Clifton Road North and the McKinley Landing neighbourhood would be required to proceed with the TIA. The details of this road connection are to be determined with the assistance of the TIA and the In-Service Road Safety Audit. 

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