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Clifton Road North - Area Structure Plan

The lands located between the north end of Clifton Road and south end of the McKinley neighbourhood are undergoing an Area Structure Plan (ASP) development process, as identified in the Official Community Plan.

The ASP process is underway and the City of Kelowna is committed to ensuring that the process is thorough and transparent. Residents are encouraged to be part of the process. Comments and concerns can be submitted to the contact below.

More Information

To learn more about the ASP process underway on the Clifton Road North properties, browse the following topics:
What is an ASP? Background
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What’s New?

Following a second and final Public Information Session for the ASP, which was held on April 17, 2013, the applicant team has completed a DRAFT of the Area Strucuture Plan. This DRAFT Plan has been submitted to the City for detailed review.  Once the feedback of City staff and area residents has been considered and incorporated, where possible, the Plan will be brought forward for consideration by Council.

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) and In-Service Road Safety Review has been completed for the ASP project. City staff have completed their review of the document and it is available for download.

A Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) has been completed to determine the impact of the development and its road network on the City’s existing transportation network. The TIA was conducted in accordance with the City of Kelowna’s Terms of Reference (TOR). City staff have concluded their review of the TIA. The document is available for download.

Phase 1 of the ASP has been completed and the applicant has begun work on the second phase of ASP development. Using the background information gathered in Phase 1, this phase will focus on the development of land use, servicing and transportation concepts for the development, as well as the policy framework for the plan. As noted above, Phase 2 is nearing its conclusion as the applicant team prepares the ASP document for Council consderation.

Clifton Road Extension

Since the early stages of the Area Structure Plan development process, City staff have held the position that a permanent, public road connection between the Clifton Highlands and McKinley Landing neighbourhoods will be a requirement of development. The primary rationale for the connection is twofold:

  1. OCP Policy direction that seeks to create a sustainable, balanced transportation network that reduces dependency on single occupancy vehicle use, emphasizing instead transit and active mode connectivity; and
  2. Improved emergency protection, as the neibhbourhoods on either side of the ASP area have an extreme wildfire hazard rating and are limited to one public road access. 

The Clifton Road Extension Rationale elaborates on the rationale briefly summarized above.

Two studies are required to evaluate the impact of the connection: a Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) and a Road Safety Audit and In-Service Road Safety Review. These studies point to a road connection that provides the benefits of emergency access, improved active transportation connections and future transit access, while also respecting the semi-rural residential environment.

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