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New Downtown Parkades

Great cities have great downtowns and Kelowna's city centre continues to experience significant investments.

The City undertook a successful Alternative Approval Process for a borrowing bylaw of approximately $15 million. Funds will be used for the expansion of the library parkade and the construction of a new parkade on the Memorial Arena property to replace some of the stalls lost on surface lots to development sites, accommodate the new developments and provide more weekend and evening parking.

Library Parkade Expansion

Library Parkade Expansion

The expansion of the Library Parkade is expected to create an additional 197 parking stalls for a total of 668.

Construction is anticipated to start in 2015, with completion in 2016. The parkade will stay open during construction for short term and monthly parking pass holders.

Ground level retail space included along Ellis Street is planned to create a more pedestrian friendly space.

City Project Status - detailed design

Memorial Parkade

The City and Interior Health are working together to move a number of Interior Health’s community services and programs onto Doyle Avenue in Kelowna’s downtown.

The project encourages the development of the downtown area with higher density land use and upgrades for better, safer parking. Bringing nearly 800 jobs into the downtown area will also stimulate business, transit and housing in the area.

Additional parking must be added in the area to accommodate nearly 800 people moving into the area. Construction timing will be coordinated with completion of the new Kelowna Community Health Services building.

Other Surface Parking Changes in the Area 

As surface parking lots on Doyle Avenue and on the Memorial Arena property close for construction, there will be changes to short term parking and for monthly parking pass holders. 

To accommodate construction there will be parking changes at the Library Parkade, and the surface lots on Doyle. Construction in the area will be phased as much as possible to minimize disruption.

  • During the Library Parkade expansion some stalls may be temporarily closed but the parkade will remain open.
  • The surface lot on the Memorial Arena property will be permanently closed once preloading / construction starts.
  • Surface parking lots on Doyle between Ellis and St. Paul will be closed permanently once construction starts on the building which will house Interior Health services and programs.

Check out more information for monthly parking pass holders or on the downtown parking page.

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For more information, contact:

Andrew Gibbs
Project Manager

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