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Westcorp Prop.

Downtown Public Pier and Marina

In Spring 2012, City Council awarded the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new waterfront marina to Westcorp Properties Inc. 

The Downtown Marina will be located off the shore of Kerry Park and it will include:

  • A public pier, over six metres wide, extending approximately 140 metres out into Okanagan Lake with a viewing platform and seating area at its terminus 
  • Moorage slips for approximately 68 boats, including 27 for hourly and day-use moorage, 30 for temporary overnight moorage and 11 for rental boat moorage
  • A boat and watercraft rental business and marina fuelling station, operated by Eldorado Marina
  • A new 7 slip marina near the foot of Queensway Avenue to accommodate commercial tour boats

    Click to open PDF

A public open house was held Saturday, June 23,2012. The Open House information panels can be viewed on the Westcorp Properties website. The finalized marina and commercial pier layout is also available there, and updates regarding the architecture for the small marina buildings will be available for viewing soon.    

Westcorp estimates the capital cost of the project at $5 million with the City contributing $200,000.

Construction of the pier and marina is scheduled to be completed in June 2013.


Andrew Gibbs
Manager, Park and Public Space Projects

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