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Water Smart

  Water Wise
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The City of Kelowna is part of the Okanagan Water Basin Board - a joint community venture to help encourage Okanagan Valley residents to be water smart. As our valley can be a dry one, it is important to protect and conserve the water we have.

Click here to learn more about becoming waterwise. Take the pledge to "Make Water Work."

What can you do to be Water Smart and conserve water?

Peak Demand

The City of Kelowna water utility and the Water Smart program strive to reduce peak demand. This is the time when water use is at its highest. Peak demand generally occurs at the end of July and the beginning of August. The water distribution system has to be sized to meet this demand even though it occurs for only a few weeks in the summer.

Since the introduction of water meters in 1996 and a user-pay water rate in 1998, Kelowna residents have reduced per-capita water use by over 20 per cent. The 2007 Water Sustainability Action Plan calls for a further 15 per cent reduction by 2012.

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Contact Us

Have a question regarding water use? Contact the Water Smart team at or 250 469-8502.

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