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Rutland Transit Improvements

RutlandTransitEx-Complete1Rutland Transit Improvements Phase One was a $4.5 million investment in Rutland which included new bus pull-outs on Highway 33, Dougall Road pedestrian improvements and an extension of Shepherd Road to accommodate enhanced transit service to the Rutland area. This project was completed in the Summer of 2013.

The project included a new public space featuring wide and creatively designed sidewalks, seating areas and decorative lighting for comfort and safety. The northern edge of Shepherd Road featured a contemporary and interactive art wall celebrating Rutland's culture and heritage.

Currently transit Route 14, Black Mountain, services the new Rutland Transit Exchange. For information on transit schedules and routes, visit BC Transit.

Proposed Shepherd Road Extension

As part of Phase Two of expanded transit services in the Rutland Town Centre, the extension of Shepherd Road is proposed through the parking lot adjacent to the Rutland Centennial Community Hall. Construction of this two-lane road would be built within a 25-metre wide road dedication with urbanized curbs and gutters as well as shared bike lanes.

The formalization of this road and parking lot will include two raised crosswalks (speed tables) with boulevards, landscape and trees and a new signalized intersection at Rutland Road. The proposed speed limit of 30km/hr and the implementation of other traffic calming measures will help keep travel speeds low.

See the Proposed
Shepherd Road Fact Sheet for more information and concept drawings.


The Rutland transit improvements are part of BC Transit’s RapidBus Phase Two and Three Project, which includes creating and upgrading transit facilities throughout the region.

The Rutland transit improvements will form a part of the Frequent Transit Network and will provide commuters with direct access to the second phase of the Kelowna RapidBus project once both phases are completed.

RapidBus connects people to their destinations easier and faster, and builds a sustainable, efficient transportation network within the region. 

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Regional Projects Manager

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