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It's Happening!

Great cities have great downtowns. This project is one of the first to be realized from the recently adopted Downtown Plan

Our Downtown is ideally situated, with its central city location, mountain views, vibrant Cultural District and lake front amenities. The rebuilding of Kelowna's "Main Street" is another initiative that sets the stage for more activity to attract people.

The City is working with the Downtown Kelowna Association to help set the stage for success pre, during and post- construction to encourage those who work downtown, those who frequent Bernard Avenue and visitors to enjoy the shops, restaurants and waterfront.

Businesses can find some useful business planning tips and marketing ideas by reviewing Open during Construction produced in collaboration with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.


Phase 1A - Bernard Ave. from Ellis to just west of St. Paul streets 
Complete. Sept 4 to Oct 10, 2012. Streetscaping included in Phase 3a Sept to Dec 2013.

Phase 1B - Bernard Ave. from Richter to just west of St. Paul streets
Complete. Sept 4 to Dec 7, 2012. Road re-open on schedule. Surface works and final paving continue through Spring 2013.

No road closure from Dec 7 to Jan 3 2012 & 2013

Phase 2 - Bernard Ave. from Abbott to Pandosy Streets
Complete. Road closure Feb 4 to June 30, 2013. Road re-open ahead of schedule on May 31, 2013.

No road closure during July & August 2013

Phase 3a - Bernard Ave. from St. Paul to Ellis streets, including the Ellis St. intersection and streetscaping of Phase 1A
Complete. Sept to Nov 2013. Road re-open on schedule. Final paving included in Phase 3b.

No road closure during Dec, Jan & Feb 2013/2014

Phase 3b - Bernard Ave. from Ellis to Pandosy streets, including Phase 3a finishing works, final paving and permanent road markings. Underway. Spring to Summer 2014.

*Note, these dates are approximate and used as a guideline. Changes will likely occur, however, updates will be available regularly.  

Stay informed

Join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #betteringBernard, receive e-updates delivered to you inbox or visit the construction activity section of our website to keep informed.

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