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Roadway Maintenance and Equipment

The Roadway Maintenance and Equipment group is responsible for the construction and maintenance of 1,600 lane kilometres of roadway.

Maintenance of the road network consists of:

Rehabilitation of Existing Infrastructure Works

Existing infrastructure works include roadways, sidewalks, bicycle networks and bridges.

Inspection of these works is done on a regular basis to identify areas that require rehabilitation and to ensure that the facilities perform adequately for their design life-span.

Roadways are monitored by our Pavement Management System. All City roadways are tested on a continual basis for surface condition, roughness and strength. The system identifies and prioritizes roads that require remedial work. To learn more about the future of Kelowna's roadways, check out the 2020 Update Roadway Network Plan.

Adopt-A-Road Program

Road Usage Permit

Road classifications:

Arterial Road

That part of the roadways system serving as the principal network for through traffic flow. The routes connect areas of principal traffic generation and important rural highways entering the city (e.g. Springfield Road, Glenmore Road and Rutland Road).

Collector Road

That part of the roadway system servicing traffic between major and local roadways (e.g. Sutherland Avenue, Valley Road and Baron Road).

Local Road

Roadways used primarily for direct access to residential, commercial, industrial or other abutting property (e.g. typical residential roads found in most neighbourhoods).

Rural Road

Roadways used primarily for direct access to rural property (e.g. McCulloch Road).


 For more information
, call 250 469-8600 or Report a Problem by filling out an online service request.

 Highway 97 and 33 are maintained by the Provincial Ministry of Transportation, report a highway maintenance problem online.


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