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There are currently no new concession opportunities available.

If you have any outstanding ideas you'd like us to look at for future consideration, please feel free to email  Please see below for more general information.

Operating Concessions in the City of Kelowna

Independent concession operators in the City of Kelowna have two separate options with respect to operating a concession business within City limits. They may either pursue operations on privately owned land or they may pursue a partnership with the City of Kelowna in order to operate on municipal lands. Regardless of whether the operation occurs on private or public lands, a number of key criteria must be met. These include the following:

The City of Kelowna's Property Management department administers the oversight and awarding of concession opportunities under municipal jurisdiction. Opportunities are awarded via a public process, whereby the City advertises the availability of a certain type of concession (food, activity, service, etc.) at a certain location and then invites responses from the public. All responses that meet the minimum criteria are evaluated by a cross-departmental panel of City staff to determine which proposal best meets the needs of the City. Finalization of a license agreement with the selected applicant is subject to final approval by City of Kelowna council.

The typical annual process with respect to new concession opportunities is as follows:

  • December to February: evaluation of new opportunities;
  • February to March: request for concession proposals and evaluation of responses;
  • May to September: typical operating season for concessions; and,
  • October to November: evaluation of summer season and concession performance.


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