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Universal Bus Pass (U-PASS)

University of British Columbia, Okanagan

In 2007, students at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus voted for a mandatory U-PASS program that has provided them with a discounted semester transit pass, as well as significant improvements to transit, which has benefited the entire community.

On November 4 & 5, 2015, UBC Okanagan students voted in approval of a fare increase for their U-PASS. It was proposed that starting in September, 2016 the U-PASS would cost $63 per semester instead of the former $60.

Fare increases are necessary to fund transit improvements and better meet student needs. The approved U-PASS rate increase matched an increase in transit fares system-wide. Increasing fares from time to time helps to cover some of the increases in operating expenses and allows transit service expansions to keep occurring.


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