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John Hindle Announcement

Representatives from federal and provincial
governments, UBCO, Westbank First
Nation and the City of Kelowna at John
Hindle Drive announcement event.

John Hindle Drive

Completion of the final phase of John Hindle Drive, a new major east-west link between Glenmore Road to the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) campus, will be accelerated thanks to a federal, provincial and municipal government funding partnership. A total of $11.6 million in joint funding will be allocated to the final phase of the John Hindle Drive extension project, allowing another option for students, staff and visitors travelling between UBCO campus and the city.

The project will consist of a two-lane roadway connecting Highway 97 to Glenmore Road via the UBCO campus. It will also include the construction of a multi-use paved pathway for pedestrians and cyclists from Glenmore Road to the Hollywood Road roundabout at Highway 97 near the UBCO.

When complete, the extension of John Hindle Drive will improve traffic flow and travel times by creating alternate access to the UBCO campus while diverting traffic from Highway 97, Glenmore Road and Sexsmith Road. Overall, these improvements will increase safety and efficiency for area commuters, pedestrians and cyclists.

The preliminary design for the final 1.6 km section of road has recently been completed by the City of Kelowna, with final design and construction work to be delivered by the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Construction is anticipated to begin in fall of 2015 with completion scheduled late in 2017.

Quick Facts

  • The Government of Canada will contribute up to $3.5 million through the Building Canada Fund – Major Infrastructure Component for this project. This funding is conditional on the project meeting applicable federal eligibility requirements with respect to the 2007 Building Canada Fund and the signing of a contribution agreement.
  • The Province of British Columbia is providing up to $3.5 million towards this project.
  • The City of Kelowna is investing $4.6 million towards the total cost of $11.6 million.
  • Phase one of John Hindle Drive already exists on the UBCO campus between Academy Way and the UBCO flyover at Highway 97.
  • Phase two was completed earlier this year by the City of Kelowna and involved the extension of John Hindle Drive from Glenmore Road to the regional landfill site.
  • This important transportation link will improve access and provide alternate routes to major regional facilities and destinations including UBC Okanagan, Glenmore Landfill and Kelowna International Airport.

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