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The City of Kelowna is proposing to create a significant recreation and community-level park in Glenmore Valley that will serve both residents in the Glenmore area and the larger community. The park proposal includes the exclusion of 10.5 hectares (26 acres) of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) at the corner of Longhill and Valley Road and will promote healthy, active living.


Preliminary Concept Plan

The City has developed a Preliminary Concept Plan for early discussions to show how the land could be developed. The concept plan was developed for discussion purposes only and is subject to revisions following public engagement and discussion with the ALC. Key program elements of the park design include:

  • Baseball fields
  • Play fields, playgrounds
  • Perimeter walking trail
  • Drainage improvements
  • Site circulation & parking
  • Buildings, such as washrooms & field houses

Prior to completing a Park Development Plan, the City will engage stakeholders, park user groups, local residents and the general public. 

Typically, a Recreation Park provides high activity sports fields, recreation and community facilities and tons of fun. These sites generate significant volumes of participants and spectators; therefore access via a major roadway is essential including accessibility by public transit and cycling network. 

Recreation Parks also serve the adjacent residential population with community amenities such as walking and biking trails, picnic areas, playfields, skateboard parks, playgrounds and gardens. Generally designed to serve a population of 45,000 people within five kilometers, these parks serve city-wide and regional interests as well.

Park Planning Criteria

Kelowna’s existing Recreation Parks are geographically located in major population centres. The selection of the Glenmore Valley for Kelowna’s fourth Recreation Parkis consistent with the City’s goal to help ensure a healthy and active population, serves the Glenmore area and to locate Recreation Parks within easy reach of existing and future residents. The park location also reflects an equitable distribution of Recreation Parks throughout Kelowna at an approximate five kilometer radius.

The Longhill and Valley Roads site has flat topography, proximity to major roads, proximity to residential and minimizing agricultural impact. The entire Glenmore Valley, including land both within and outside of the ALR was analyzed for possible sites, and the Longhill and Valley Road site provides the best balance of all the criteria.

With the help of a professional agrologist and in consultation with the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), the City has selected a site with a low Climate Capability Rating for Agriculture. The rating of the site reflects the limited growing conditions on the land. Specifically, the site contains poorly drained, heavy clay soils and saline conditions at the lower elevations.  

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bullet.jpg Concept Plan 
bullet.jpg Location Map 
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