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What is compost?  


Compost is a complex mixture of organic matter. It’s the good stuff left over when organic matter has been decomposed under controlled conditions. It’s a marvellous ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes and other microorganisms and invertebrates which break down the organic matter and magically transform it into something nutritional for your soil. Compost is rich, dark. It smells of the earth that it feeds. When you add compost to your soil you add life.

What is a Soil Amendment?

Everything living on earth is part of a regenerating system. To grow healthy plants soil gives up some of its nutritional quality with every crop, so over time, even the finest soils often need a boost. In the Okanagan doing that is easy. You can feed your soil with a wonderful product called OgoGrow; the perfect way to condition your soil the natural way. Besides the organic boost it gives your soil, OgoGrow is a great way to amend your soil’s water absorption. During our hot summers, helping your soil retain its moisture and drain away any excess so plants don’t drown are important components to growing a successful garden or having healthy landscaping. As a soil amendment OgoGrow is ideal. It corrects the soil's deficiencies in structure by safely returning rich organic matter and essential plant nutrients that may be missing. It’s premier compost and it boosts your soil in an environmentally friendly way.

We make it by combining biosolids, hog fuel - a byproduct of the local lumber mills - and wood ash. OgoGrow meets the highest standards the government has set for compost, so you can confidently and safely apply it to your flowers, shrubs and vegetable gardens. OgoGrow is a landscape gardener’s best friend. Satisfy your soil with OgoGrow.

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