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Property Tax Rates

 The Property Class Tax Rates are the sum of all taxing authority levies.

School Tax Rate

School tax rates applicable to residential properties are set by the provincial government. 

Residential school taxes are based in part on the number of residences, as well as the total assessed value of residential property in the province, creating a different tax rate in each school district. 

School tax rates applicable to non-residential properties are also set by the provincial government. The rates vary by property classification, but are uniform throughout the province within each non-residential property class. 

Why do I pay School Taxes? See the Province of BC School Tax page for more information.


BC Ministry of Finance  
1-800-663-7867 or 250 356-0907 
Or visit the Province of BC Website on Property Taxes

Municipal Tax Rate

Municipal Property Tax rate is set by the City of Kelowna.

The revenue from these taxes is used for public services such as police and fire protection, street lighting, road and drainage maintenance, as well as operating regional parks and recreational facilities.

Municipal tax rate is set in correspondence to the tax year’s municipal

Regional Library Tax Rate

Library tax rate is set by the Okanagan Regional Library.

The Okanagan Regional Library is funded through a variety of sources, with the greatest amount 
(86%) coming from local taxation in the form of property taxes from municipalities and regional districts.

Okanagan Regional Library’s taxation information by area.
Okanagan Regional Library
250 860-4033 
Or visit

Regional District Tax Rate

Regional District tax rate is set by the Regional District of the Central Okanagan to raise revenue for budget needs. Tax revenues are used to fund a wide range of regional services of benefit to everyone within the boundaries of the region, such as dog control, regional parks, 911 services and recycling.
Regional District of the Central Okanagan 
250 763-4918
Or visit

BC Assessment Authority Rate

The BC Assessment property tax rate is set by BC Assessment Authority who is an independent, provincial Crown corporation, governed by a Board of Directors.

The revenue from these taxes is used to produce independent, uniform and efficient property assessments on an annual basis to tax authorities, property owners, government agencies, realtors, appraisers, lawyers, bankers, and other private and public agencies.     

BC Assessment Office 
250 763-8300

Or visit

Hospital Tax Rate

The Hospital tax rate is set by the Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District (CORHD). The Hospital tax rate raises revenue to repay the costs of major capital expenditures such as hospital construction and acquisition of medical equipment.

Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District 
250 763-4918

Sterile Insect Release Program (SIR) Tax Rate

The SIR tax rate is a bylaw pursuant to section 200 of the Community Charter to impose and levy upon the owners of land or real property within the City of Kelowna being served by the Sterile Insect Release Program. For more information, see Bylaw 10939 (effective 2014).

The program consists of two separate levies:

      • The first levy is based on the assessed value of the land and a tax rate for each class of property. This rate is provided by the Central Okanagan Regional District and applied to all property tax rolls within the City of Kelowna. 
      • The second levy is a parcel tax applicable to all properties that are 0.30 acres or more and contain 20 or more codling moth host trees (apple, pear, crab apple, and quince). The 2014 charge is $139.26 per assessed acre.

Sterile Insect Release Program 
250 763-4918
Or visit

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