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Lakeshore Road


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Bridge & Transportation Improvements - Cook to Lexington

The $11-million bridge replacement and transportation improvements included:

  • Aesthetic characteristics incorporated throughout the road corridor of a riparian nature to create a unique identity and sense of place due to its proximity to Okanagan Lake and the Mission Creek Greenway

  • Safe travel for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists with the addition of extra wide commuter bike lanes and off road pathway for recreational users and sidewalks for pedestrians.

  • Provide safe and continuous access to the Mission Creek Greenway

  • Protect sanctuary spaces in the area along the Mission Creek

  • Ensure efficient travel with the addition of roundabout at Lexington Drive and more formalized accesses to businesses

  • Provide upgrades to transit stops with the addition of shelters and benches between Cook and Lexington Drive


In July 2011, Urban Systems Ltd. was selected by the City of Kelowna to complete the preliminary design of Lakeshore Road from Richter Street to Lexington Drive. In fall 2011, City council endorsed a proposed public engagement plan which identified key milestones and opportunities for the community to provide input during this planning process.

The City hosted a visioning workshop at the end of January. Stakeholders representing a diverse cross-section of the community shared their vision of how the Lakeshore Corridor should look in the near future to help inform the preliminary design process. 

Residents were also invited to provide their feedback about the criteria developed by the stakeholders via an online survey. How do we accommodate all modes of transportation and realize efficiencies? How will this significant recreation destination look, feel and function in the near future? The results were compiled and referred to during the preliminary design process.

Open Houses were held for public information purposes during preliminary design (Spring 2013) and detailed design (Spring 2014).
The preliminary design phase was presented in Spring 2013. Check out the concept design drawings or take fly-thru to see first-hand how the design incorporates all modes of transportation.


Purvez Irani
Project Manager, Infrastructure Delivery
250 469-8727

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