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Public Engagement

Engaged Communities are Strong Communities

The City of Kelowna is strengthening the ways in which it engages with the you.

The City of Kelowna is a progressive municipality. We interact with the public in many ways and are accessible to residents.

The City frequently seeks input regarding: priorities for the community, land use planning, projects and initiatives.

Depending on the nature of the project, the City of Kelowna’s public engagement includes various means of community involvement:

  • We inform by making timely information, updates and news available through a variety of channels
  • We consult with key experts, consultants, effected community members or groups and key stakeholders to bring multiple views and opinions into the process
  • We involve the public, experts, and special interest groups in planning, analysis and decision-making opportunities
  • We collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams, external advisors, community members and others to work together on solutions
  • We empower others to be involved or to lead or contribute to projects or initiatives

Policy Development

The process was conducted over three phases:

Phase 1 - Best Practices Research
Phase 2 - City Council Endorsement of Guiding Principles & Public Input
Phase 3 - Policy and Engage Framework formalized April 14, 2014.

Get Involved

Learn about the latest City projects underway or e-Subscribe envelope to receive City Views e-bulletin to be updated on current activities.

If you require further information or would like to speak to someone about the City of Kelowna’s Engagement Framework project, please contact,
Kari O’Rourke
Community Engagement Consultant 

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