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2015 Anita Tozer Memorial Award Recipient

Sharon Shepherd 



What started as volunteering in activities related to her children quickly grew into a lifelong commitment for Sharon Shepherd – most of it, however, under the radar of the press. As a member of the Kelowna Secondary School’s PAC from 1993 to 1998, Sharon soon became the obvious choice to be named president, with her quiet and compassionate leadership skills. During the same time, she decided to help make her neighbourhood a better place, joining the South Mission Residential Association where she was named Chair for two years. And in an effort to help make skiing more affordable for everyone, she worked as Chair of the Ski Swap for Big White Ski Racers.

It was in 1996 when she began to put those leadership skills to use for the good of the city, when she was elected to City Council. And it was then that her extra curricular volunteer work came into the spotlight in the media. By the time she was elected Mayor in 2005, everyone could see her philanthropic nature. During her 15 years in office she chaired numerous boards and committees but the ones she was most passionate about were the 12 years she spent with the Regional District, Regional Parks and Air Quality.

Since 2011, Sharon has been the chair for CATCH and has been heavily involved in the KGH fundraising for the new cardiac care unit. She’s also been named chair of the Red Cross and Nature Trust fundraising campaigns. An avid supporter of animals and just about any human rights cause there is, Sharon is one of Kelowna’s most loved and cherished volunteers. Not only did she pave the way for women by being the first ever female Kelowna Mayor, she has stood up for the rights of children, animals, people with AIDS, the arts and so, so much more.

Thank you Sharon, from the bottom of our hearts, for all you’ve done and, knowing your nature, all that’s still to come.

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