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2012 Anita Tozer Memorial Award Recipient

Tim SchroederTim Schroeder


When you think of a pastor at a church, somehow a Harley Davidson doesn’t usually figure into the picture – unless of course you’re talking about Pastor Tim Schroeder. Known as the ‘out of the box’ pastor, Tim was the senior pastor at Trinity Baptist Church from 1985 up until 2008 before becoming a teaching pastor.


A strong supporter and believer of the importance of community, Tim has been the official pastor of the Kelowna Rockets, the Kelowna Fire Department and for many, the only connection they have to even thinking about the divine, is when they read his weekly newspaper column in eVent! magazine.


Equally as comfortable preaching in a police car, a hockey dressing room, a karate dojo or a pulpit, Tim has established a reputation as one of Canada’s most community-involved pastors. He was an auxillary RCMP officer and their chaplain for 11 years.


He was there to hold a community service when the Twin Towers collapsed; he was there when then Okanagan Firestorm ravaged our city a few years later; his work in the community has been ongoing, making him the most recognized pastor in the valley.


He’s received numerous awards over the years including the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and in 2011, published a book called Life By the Hour that teaches people it’s okay to dream big but that they need to take small steps to get there. As a marathon runner, Tim understands fully how taking lots of small steps can lead to one big goal.

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