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2012 Bryan Couling Athletic Team of the Year Award Recipient

 Okanagan Mission Secondary Senior Boys Soccer Team 

Okanagan Mission Secondary Senior Boys
Soccer Team 

There are few things more nail biting then sudden death penalty kicks on a soccer field. For the OKM Huskies Senior Boys Soccer Team, their nails must have been bitten down right to the quick as they went into the seventh round of penalty kicks, vying for the school’s first ever provincial banner in soccer.


2012, was only OKM’s second year for having a soccer team, but this young team proved unstoppable having been undefeated all season. With 27 wins, 113 goals scored and only 14 scored against, very little nail biting was needed as the team strategically developed and executed plays to beat their opponents.


But things always change when you get to the rainy soaked fields in Vancouver, where their competitors play all year round. And with round after round of penalty kicks the team worried that their successful season run had ended. Then finally, OKM took it in the seventh round. Players on the team won both the top scorer of the tournament and MVP awards and three players were scouted to try out for universities.  The team was awarded the Ryan Watters Sports Drive Team of the year, for their exciting Provincial win.



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