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2013 Bryan Couling Athletic Team of the Year Award Recipient

KCS Boys Basketball Team  

Kelowna Christian School Senior Boys Basketball Team


Even though Kelowna Christian School is classified as a single A school due to it's smaller number of students, after winning four of the past five provincial (single) A senior boys basketball titles, the KCS Knights decided to move up to the (double) AA tier of competition for the 2013 season.  And while the title might have been different, the results were the same, with them once again going on to win the provincial title.

Along the way, the team had an unprecedented 38 out of 39 game wins during regular season, earning them the BC School Sports Outstanding School Award for 2013.

What makes the accomplishment even more notable is the person who leads the team from the sidelines - coach Eva Linttell. The Kelowna Christian School Knights Senior Boys Basketball team became the first boys team to ever win with a female coach at the helm!




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