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Budget Process

Budget calendar
  Aug. 29  Departmental Integrated Work Plans complete 
  Aug. 29  Finance determines base budget impacts based on 2014 financial plan
  Sept. 18 Establish overall City priorities for the 2015 budget year based on discussions with Council & City Manager
  Oct. 21 City Manager meets with each department to review and prioritize capital requests, supplements and expenditure reductions 
  Jan. 12 Budget overview presentation to Council
  Jan. 15 Council review and adoption of the 2015 provisional budget
  Mar. 16 Council review and adoption of carryover budget projects
  May 4 Council review and adoption of final budget requests, property tax rates and 5-Year Financial Plan
Every year City Council, the City Manager and City staff work together to develop an annual budget. The budget process, and the decisions that must be made on how to best lead the development of a safe, vibrant and sustainable city, are supported by the Official Community Plan and the City's Strategic Plan.  

The budget serves as an outline for how the monies that come into the City of Kelowna should be spent to maintain and improve the City. As the City is limited by the amount of resources available, the budget helps in determining which objectives have the highest priority and will produce the greatest positive impact in the community.

Expenditures focus on meeting these objectives:
  • Supporting a safe, healthy and active community 
  • Supporting a growing, progressive economy
  • Protecting our natural environment 
  • Investing in sustainable infrastructure
  • Sound fiscal management
  • Strong innovative leadership  

Check out the Annual Funding Cycle infographic for a visual on the year-long budget and tax process.

Budget Process Map

Kelowna is an attractive place to call home – and that appeal is expected to attract almost 2,000 new residents every year over the next seven years. The added vitality of nearly 14,000 new citizens by 2020 also means City planners need to look into the future to make sure City of Kelowna facilities, roads, water supply and parks are capable of serving thousands more residents.

Annual Budget

Annual budgets cover both operations and capital projects, with a five-year projection.  

10-Year Capital Plan

Capital infrastructure projects are identified in a 10-year plan.

2020 Capital Plan

Flexible Planning
The 2020 Capital Plan is a “living” document that can change to meet new priorities or reassess timelines previously established for projects. The bottom line is to ensure projects are prepared with funding sources identified over the long-term.

Financial Forecasting
The City of Kelowna is committed to investing in diverse infrastructure projects that contribute to a sustainable city and a safe and active lifestyle. The 2020 Capital Plan maps out construction timelines and where the money will come from for each project.

Funds for capital projects up to 2020 will come from:

  • Taxation – $130 million
  • Borrowing - $96 million
  • Surplus / Reserves - $87 million
  • Fed / Prov funding - $58 million
  • Development Cost Charges - $39 million
  • Developer / Community contributions - $9 million
  • Utility Revenue - $245,000

20-Year Servicing Plan

The Official Community Plan deals with issues expected to arise over the coming 20-year period. The City’s 20-Year Servicing Plan and financing strategy supports the infrastructure needs called for in the OCP.

Official Community Plan

Residents have extensive input into the Official Community Plan (OCP) which provides a policy framework for housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development and the natural and social environment.

Strategic Plan

Residents and community organizations took part in developing the Strategic Plan which outlines the future direction for City services.

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