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Play for All Playground

PRC accessible playgroundThe Play for All Playground is the City of Kelowna’s first fully barrier-free playground. It is an inviting space which provides a place for people of all ages and abilities to play and socialize together.

Members of the community, including children and families, City staff and the Association for the Benefit of Children with Disabilities (ABCD) collaborated during a design day in June 2008, which resulted in concept drawings for the playground. Final design took place in 2009. The playground equipment was chosen to encourage intergenerational play, such as a grandparent with mobility challenges or a child with a disability.


Some of the playground's barrier free features include:

  • a BIGGO swing that has a large hammock-like dish, allowing users to sit, stand or lie down, cradling the riders within the dish
  • a unique wheelchair swing that is designed so that anyone in a wheelchair can drive onto the swing‘s platform, hook up the ramp and go for a swing
  • an Ogopogo climbing surface for some and interesting textures and contours for others to touch and interact with
  • play panels with musical instruments, including a drum and rhythm section
  • safety surfacing, which cushions falls, yet makes movement through the playground area barrier free


A $50,000 grant from the Let's Play initiative and $20,000 from Tire Stewardship BC helped to make this playground a reality.

The Let's Play grants are due to a partnership between the Rick Hansen Foundation and the BC Ministry of Education and provide funding for accessible playgrounds.

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