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Traffic calming


Traffic calming on city streets is reviewed based on data collected determining the average speed and volume of traffic on the roadway selected. 

Traffic calming methods include curb extensions, speed cushions, traffic roundabouts, raised median islands, speed humps, and sidewalk extensions. 

Each of these methods helps to control the speed and volume of traffic in order to increase safety and general live-ability of the neighborhood involved.

Roundabout Etiquette

Tips for drivers:

  • Always reduce your speed when approaching a roundabout
  • Keep to the right of the splitter island
  • Always yield to pedestrians and cyclists when entering and exiting a roundabout
  • Look to the left for traffic and yield to vehicles entering the circle
  • A vehicle circulating within the traffic circle has the right-of-way over vehicles entering the circle
  • Always drive counterclockwise around a circular island
  • Signal to indicate you are exiting the circle

Tips for pedestrians:

  • Use the sidewalks and marked crosswalks around the perimeter of the traffic circle
  • Never walk in the circular roadway or cross to the central island
  • Use the splitter island, it allows you to cross one direction of traffic at a time
  • Look and listen for traffic, then choose a safe time to cross from the curb ramp to the splitter island

Tips for cyclists:

  • Obey the same driving instructions as for motor vehicles
  • It is generally safest for cyclists to ride close to the middle of the driving lane
  • Be cautious of driver's blind spots
  • If you prefer, dismount and walk your bicycle through the intersection in the marked crosswalk


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